#printappreciation – Beauty Papers

Moving on from Smash Hits magazine as a youngster to finding J17 and SUGAR I became obsessed with magazines. These days it’s progressed into buying Vogue religiously and I cannot do anything until I have completed my Sunday ritual of scouring the pages in The Sunday Times Style . Editorial layout and creative concepts in magazines today absolutely fascinates me – however my print hoarding is becoming a problem. After moving into my flat and browsing pinterest for interior inspirations I found I could actually make a feature out of my Vogue collection by stacking them up as some sort of shelf. Issue is the more I add the more I worry about them falling through my downstairs neighbor’s ceiling – and my glass coffee table is being pushed to its limits. I love fashion and beauty print so I wanted to make a feature – #printappreciation to shout out to those who I admire and who’s making me want to write down the publication release dates to grab a copy first thing.

So as CAB’s beauty obsessive and with my print addiction I’ve got into such a habit of skipping right to the good bit in – the beauty pages. However there’s never enough content to satisfy my needs. I want more topical articles on innovation in beauty, more on skincare and therapies tried and tested and overall I want to be enthralled by creative concepts and imagery. I usually come away from magazine stands feeling cheated and a bit uninspired when it comes to beauty print. I get how fast paced the industry has become and a lot of print is being digitised, but there are still people out there who want to own tangible content and have this take pride of place on a coffee table – I’m sure I’m not the only one. From what I’ve seen in the London magazine racks, the only option is US publication Allure as pure beauty content (with a crossover in fashion and health) – I just couldn’t understand how this wasn’t being tapped into?

Enter Beauty Papers – and finally my quest has ended. Renowned Beauty Editor Maxine Leonard and Creative Director Valerie Wickes, created this biannual publication which ‘…is about showing society a liberated view of beauty’’. Maxine and Valerie have created a platform to curate a combination of work from industry’s accomplished to up-and-coming creatives who are influencing and redefining beauty through their own visions. Issue 0. The Foundation Issue : Good Bad Ugly Truth Lies features articles on; Ingredients looking at plant-derived options and possible sustainable approaches to ‘green chemistry’, a contouring editorial shot by photographer Bruno Staub to looking at self-fashioning and beauty in ancient times where ‘The romans linked a fair complexion with beauty and love’. This content is just so rich and and ticks all the boxes for me. The opening images of powder and foundation product close ups are like pieces of art, worthy of hanging on the wall and to look at cosmetics in this way is so refreshing rather than photoshopped collages in the weeklies. To top it all off there’s a Skincare Editor, Nichola Joss (revered beauty and nail expert with a degree in biology and physiology) so now I have major career envy.

It feels like this magazine is the start of a new movement. To let creatives express beauty in their own way – there are always different perceptions like with anything visual, but to capture it in this way is exciting. I’ll be looking out for the next issue’s release date and put a reminder in my diary. In the meantime I’ll be spying on their Instagram @beautypapersmag.

Available at newsagents across London and online at www.newsstand.co.uk


Words by Joanna Sait


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