Winter vs. Skin Hydration – Reclaim Your Inner Glow


Drastic drops in temperature can cause all kinds of skin craziness, not to mention whopping up the central heating. You think your skin is hydrated but then dry patches appear and it feels tight when you cleanse – a clear warning sign for dehydrated skin! You can slather on a thick night cream but sometimes they just don’t cut it. What if I said to you that you can hydrate your skin for longer, plump, even cleanse and smooth out some of those fine lines with one type of product AM and PM – I’d have your attention right? I’m not so sure you would listen so intently when I tell you its oil, especially you combination skin types – but stay with me!

Facial oil has been my winter saviour and the reason behind my inner glow. I totally understand for some, the thought of applying facial oil in the morning is too heavy or greasy under make-up and for acne/blemish prone types you’re probably thinking eek – no way! As a combination skin type myself I can absolutely relate to these same thoughts, but it’s all about finding the right products that work for you and the more natural the ingredients better. The benefits of using facial oils outweigh the consistency of this product, (even with acne and blemishes you still need hydration), and a facial massage with oil can ease away the tension of a long day. Here are my current favourite oil products and there not just suitable for combination skin types…

Skin Owl Lavender Beauty Drops – £24 for 1oz – UK residents only available at Cult Beauty

This one is specifically for troublesome skin types; acneic, congested or blemish prone and made from raw organic ingredients unrefined argan and lavender oils – so the scent is lovely. You can add this product to a moisturiser/foundation or use alone, but what I like about this is for morning use it sinks in really well and doesn’t leave too much slick on the skin for make-up application on top. I switched to this product as and when I was experiencing breakouts but I was also noticing the complexion of my skin looking better for it with continual use. There are other oils from this US brand in Geranium and Clary Sage for other skin types, and having used this one I would certainly explore this brands product further.

Liha Idan Oil – £16 for 30ml from Content Beauty 

Firstly the scent of this oil is utterly captivating. It’s made from ingredient of the moment cold pressed coconut oil but it’s the tuberose flower that has been absorbed into the oil that creates its signature scent.  Due to its consistency it can solidify and can be used as a solid perfume, but just add to a hot sink/bowl of water to liquefy. The Idan oil is a multi-tasker so can be applied to face, hair and body. It’s super moisturising and just a great all rounder for me and of course the coconut oil offers a wide range of benefits retaining essential moisture across those bitterly cold days. Liha is a small batch natural and ethical brand made in the UK – truly a beautiful brand from concept to product.

Neal’s Yard Remedies – bespoke handmade facial oil

I actually made this one myself on a NYR ‘Create Your Own Product’ workshop – great fun for any beauty obsessive. I want to point out that this concoction includes jojoba oil known for being similar to sebum – the natural oil that your skin produces so it’s is non-comedogenic for anyone experiencing acne or breakouts. Just to explain the science in a bit more detail jojoba oil is ideal for troublesome skin because it can trick it into thinking it has already produced enough sebum, potentially balancing this process. Also in the mix are avocado oil and essential oils frankincense and neroli for anti-ageing and hydration properties. This product played a big part in improving my over all complexion and creating that glow. It worked for me so well that I even brought the ingredients to make up another batch when I run out! I also enjoyed learning about the different properties of all the essential oils, like how rose can assist with hormonal imbalance. Making your own bespoke products seems to be somewhat of a trend in industry at the moment, so I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of this kind of skincare.

Votary Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil – £45 for 100ml from Liberty

There’s a lot of cleansing oils popping up in product ranges across the board – possibly because the cleansing routine is so significant in your skincare regime. This one by Votary, a recently launched natural brand also made in the UK, is like an at home treatment. It comes with a soft flannel to wipe away the day after massaging the oil into the skin (even with make-up on) to lift any build up. Votary advise using the flannel soaked in hand hot water and resting over the face before wiping away. It’s like a steam in a facial – it just feels so relaxing and your skin will thank you for it.

Love Jo x


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