Finally payday is here! What a month (sorry January but you’ve been way too loooong) and I am SO ready to get my shop on!

Currently the high street is a mix of battered sale items (although if you look carefully you can still get the odd sale bargain) and new Spring arrivals. Spring is by far my favorite season but as tempting as these new arrivals are, I am trying to be good and hold out until the full collections arrive in store and on-line!

Of course that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole load of payday treats currently in my shopping bags, its been far too long!


Image (2)

I’m in major love with both this top and dress, this dress will look fab worn now with tights and also when the weather starts to warm with a pair of crisp white trainers…


Image (5)

My make-up bag needs an overhaul, but like the majority of things in my life (nothing to do with my taste at all), this wont come cheap! Therefore each month I am going to be adding a few new items to my collection to help ease the cost, as well as integrating them with other cult items that wont be going anywhere. This month I’ll be adding….

Healthy Glow Sheer Powder: CHANEL Nude Eye Pencil: H&M Brown/Red Lipstick “Bond Girl”: CHARLOTTE TILBURY MATTE REVOLUTION Copper Liquid Eyeliner: H&M (a great alternative to black liquid eye liner, they do wicked colours in this range).

With dry January almost over, I think this book will definitely be used come Sunday mornings!

The Hangover Coobkook: OLIVER BONAS

Image (3)

This outfit adds a little mix of Spring yet still being February appropriate!


Image (1)

We’re currently undergoing a January detox for the home and these little beauties are the perfect replacements to freshen up our humble abode…

Jewellery Holder: OLIVER BONAS Cushion: BHS Shoe Bag: H&M Storage Box: MARKS AND SPENCERS  (also comes in neon pink…love!) 


Another book that I have been desperate to start reading, I’m hoping I’ll get some time this weekend to make a start….

Love Style Life by Grace Dore: AMAZON


And finally because it’s still winter and the need to be warm and cosy is still strong……

Top: H&M Bottoms: H&M

Happy Payday!!!!!!

Lots of Love



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