Nails: The Secret to a DIY Glossy Manicure


I get asked all the time where I get my nails done. I wish I did treat myself to a weekly salon mani – but honestly I do them myself and it takes me nearly two hours because I’m such a perfectionist! The biggest secret (or not so secret now) to a great at home mani/pedi is a good top coat and Seche Vite is like beyond good! I promise you a shiny pro finish for at least a week with this stuff, and no matter which brand of nail varnish you use this top coat will lock it in and top it off with a shiny salon finish. I’ve been using it for years now and wouldn’t buy anything else – its such a beauty bargain at £9 and a must have in your nail kit. They also have a wider range including a base coat and treatments for nails in need of a bit of TLC – but this really is the star of the range. If your used to gels but tired of the upkeep and how damaging can be (for some) this is a great alternative to keeping that high gloss finish just like gels. I guess it just depends if you have the patience to do them at home – but the pros out weigh the cons for me on this beauty maintenance. Just imagine chip free, sparkly nails – its the stuff of dreams! 

Love, Jo 


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