The Chambers of Flavour…. Shhhh…. It’s a secret!

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This is not a normal restaurant review post, because the Gingerline and the Chambers of Flavour is anything but a normal restaurant set up. sets up unique immersive pop up dining experiences, where the location is anywhere on London’s Gingerline (East London Line). You are not told the location until the day of your dining event and this makes the experience more exciting, if a little nerve racking. As Gingerline say, you read, you ride, you find, you feast! And at the Chambers of Flavour that is definitely what we did.

The concept is a mystery night of dining and therefore reviews should not give much away (I’ve always been a sucker for rules). However, the Chambers of Flavour was as it sounds – a journey through various sets accompanied by flavourful food. You are whisked (quite literally) off into a world of dining adventure. The main thing that I found with the whole experience and one of the most pleasing things was that the food is not second best to the spectacle, in fact the food was delicious. We soon got over our apprehension and started to interact with our voyage and our four course meal. The Gingerline team we met on our way were humorous and entertaining while not overbearing at all.

On the same lines as Secret Cinema makes you ‘tell no one’, Chambers of Flavour asks visitors to make sure details of the chambers remain a secret, however, photographs are allowed in the bar and as you can see the way in makes for a thrilling entrance! (yes you do sit in the coffin like box!)

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If you want to escape and try something a bit different and are ready to participate in a bit of banter, then this is the place for you. While on the pricey side, this mixture of art, performance, dining, drink is your theatre and dinner all rolled into one.

…Be brave, try it…

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To get a flavour of the production, see previous Gingerline events here:

Nearest tube is the Gingerline.

Price was £50 per person. All dining visits must be booked.

Visited – February 2016


Claire x

(CAB Lifestyle Contributor)


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