In The Make-Up Bag: Part 1

I quite frequently get asked what foundation I use, what’s the best mascara or how to create the perfect winged eyeliner and it’s something that a few of you lovely readers have asked me to do a post about.

My make-up bag is a real mixture of high end and high street make-up as you’ll see but I do tend to spend quite a bit of money on my make-up (like most things in my life). Although this costly expenditure is definitely down to my VERY glamorous Nan. Even now my Nan’s make-bag is full of high end products, she is always the first to test the latest “must have” products and quite often gives me her reviews, which haven’t let me down yet.

So with thanks to my Nan, below are the secrets behind my “This is not how I woke up but this is how I look now” beauty regime!


….In this weeks post I will be covering skin care and base….


My Mum, Nan, Beauty Editors and Make-Up Artists around the world have been saying it for years and they are right, the key to perfectly polished make-up starts with a good skin care routine. From the day I was born my Mum has always looked after my skin and for as long as I can remember she has been an anti-ageing conoussier, from Liz Earle to Creme de la Mer Deb’s has tried it all. The proof is in the pudding as My Mum has the most incredidable skin and has always looked 10 years younger than what she actually is.

There were a few moments during my teens, where I rebelled the daily creaming regime but it didn’t take me long realise that I was doing my skin and myself a massive disadvantage. From that day forward I have NEVER looked back and although the products change from time to time the routine remains the same (whatever drunken state I am in):


The Cleanser: For a number of years now I have been using on and off the cult classic Bioderma Sensible H20, so when Garnier created there own Micellar Cleansing Water I was reluctant to try it however I’m so glad I did! The results for me have been just as good but Garnier’s cleanser is cheaper and bigger in size, win-win! I use this after I have removed my eye make-up with baby wipes and Vaseline (another fab trick I learnt from my Mum as Vaseline helps strengthen your eyelashes) to remove my actual face make-up in the evenings and to also have a quick cleanse in the mornings after I have showered. If I’m not using this then I love using Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, this product really does make my skin feel amazingly clean and uber fresh (thanks to the hot muslin cloth as part of the product removal process) It’s been a while since I have had this, so to make sure my skin doesn’t get used to a product I will definitely be going back to this once the micellar water has finished.

Day Cream: Having normal/combination skin that can tend to be a little greasy at times I like to keep my daily skin care routine pretty simple and light. For years I have been using Nivea’s Light Moisturising Day Cream which is just right for my skin and the perfect primer for under my foundation. I have tried many other products in the past but find that the majority of them are too heavy for the daytime and tend to make my make-up slide right off my face.

Night Cream: Nonetheless when it comes to night creams I am the complete opposite. I like something thick with a creamy texture that is visibly moisturising so I will always pick/apply a night cream or serum, usually one that’s on offer. That was until I was introduced to Egyptian Magic (again by my Mum!) and I don’t think I’ll be replacing this product anytime soon, as I am totally obsessed! The product really is magic and can be used all over your body (a bit like Elizabeth Ardens Eight Hour Cream) for extra dry areas, chapped lips ect. I have been using this cream/serum for around a month now and I visibly noticed a difference within a week, honestly it’s fab! I use it lightly over my entire face but apply a little thicker around my eyes, t-zone and lips to help reduce any fine lines. A little goes a long away with this product so don’t let the £29 price tag put your off as it really is good value for money, a little definitely goes a long way!

Eye Cream: I’ve always suffered with puffiness under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I have I always seem to look tired! (I really need to start drinking more water which I am told will help) however after some serious investigation work on Google I came across raving reviews for L’Oreal Revitalise Renew Precision Eye Cream. Two weeks in I am pretty impressed, my fine lines seem to be almost gone and my eyes are definitely not as puffy as before. I’m hoping this along side plenty of sleep and water will banish these bags altogether….what this space!

Face Scrub: Once a week I try and give my skin a 24 hour breather by staying make-up free and give it a good old scrub with Liz Earle’s Gentle Face Exfoliator. This facial scrub really gets in to pores giving you that extra depth of cleanliness while being extra sensitive to your skin. My skin without a doubt feels and looks 100% radiant after use and being totally chemical free I wouldn’t use anything else.



Foundation: My Nan was the first person to introduce me to Estee Lauder (of course) and I have been totally hooked ever since. My secret to a flawless, stay-in-place all day  completion is all down to their Double Wear foundation, it’s the UK’s number 1 foundation for a reason. It comes in 40 different shades and a little really does go a looooong way, on average this will last me around 5 months with daily use, it also has amazing coverage. I have good skin but I love the way that it holds my make-up perfectly in place for around 12 hours. I have been using this foundation for around 6 years now and I have from time to time brought other foundations like Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation (after believing that my skin/face would morph in to Kim Kardashian’s after use which sadly it didn’t!) Although good, for me they don’t compare to Double Wear meaning that after just a week or two of use I have quickly gone back to Double Wear, wasting a fair bit of money!! However Double Wear isn’t for everyone, it is definitely a no no for anyone with very dry skin (if you have dry skin I would definitely recommend using with a good moisturiser and primer with application). It dries very quickly so when applying you have to act fast because once it’s on, it seriously isn’t budging! Estee Lauder also do a lighter version called Double Wear Light perfect for all your ladies who prefer something a little lighter or who have a more mature skin. The best part of it all, Estee Lauder offer a 7 days sample of all their foundations so you can try before you buy!

Primer: You may notice that there is no primer in my make-up bag, that’s because I believe that with a really good skin care regime and a good foundation (like Double Wear) you don’t need to use a primer. However I have over the years tried a few and if I were to buy another one it would be Smash Box Photo Finish Primer or YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer – this one has gold flecks in it and is loved by my fabulous God Mum!

Powders and Bronzers: Bronzer plays a BIG role in my make-up kit, I love nothing more than a sun-kissed complexion (and have a mild case of tanorexia, no lie!). Although over the last few months I have swapped my usual bronzer for the new Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (in shade 40 so it has a little bit of colour to it of course!) and I am so glad I did, as I have found that this Chanel press powder along side my foundation is the perfect shade for me during cooler months. It really helps to set my make-up while at the same time giving me a healthy natural glow.
However as soon as summer kicks in, I will definitely be going back to my old faithful Estée Laurder Bronze Goddess Bronze Powder  another product that isn’t cheap but like the Chanel press powder a little really does a long away and lasts for absolute months (on average 6/7 months at everyday use) perfect for any bronzer addict like me, I couldn’t recommend more!

Blush: I like my blusher to be bright yet subtle so this Topshop blusher is a perfect combination of both and it blends so well (even the guy on the Nars counter commented on how nice it was)! Unfortunately for me Topshop have discontinued their powder blushers in place of cream versions (don’t you hate it when that happens!!!!) However I did manage to bulk buy before they disappeared completely, now down to my last one (sob sob) so I will be using this sparingly! Although once this does run out I will be heading straight to Nars as their blushers are one of the best on the market that come in a wide range of colours.

Highlighter: Believe it or not this highlight is from MUA at Superdrugs, costs £3 and is by far on of the best highlighters I have ever used! The iridescence pigments really do catch any light perfectly across all areas of your face (I use mine just above my cheek bones during the day but at night I use just above my temples, under my brow bone and on the cupid bow part of my lips!) it’s subtle and not to shimmery or glittery! It also wears really well. Bargain!

Brushes: Any good make-up application is part product – part tool. While working on shoots along side professional make-up artists as well as doing a few make-up courses myself I have learnt a few tricks of the trade. One tip that I still use to this day is to apply my foundation with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, this brush really helps to buff in your foundation for a flawless and luminous complexion, I also love their Powder Brush. For my blusher I have had this Bobbi Brown for years (and could probably do with a replacement but I love it too much!). To apply my highlight I use a fan brush which is also really good for sweeping away excess product!


I hope you have enjoyed, in part 2, I will be covering….

Perfecting the perfect brow, Mascaras, Eyeliners, Lip pencils and Lipsticks!

Happy Shopping Ladies

Lots of Love





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