Summer Skincare – SPF at the ready!


How nice it’s been to have some sun filled days recently – it certainly picks up everyone’s mood. We’re already seeing the brave grace some summer pieces which I’m not sure we should jinx ourselves so quickly – don’t forget that April showers saying! But something else that should be high on the summer outfit prep agenda is getting a SPF in your skincare kit.

It’s the only solution to prevent hyper pigmentation, age spots and wrinkles. Last year I went through quite a few products to find ones that didn’t give a ghost look or too greasy to apply makeup on top of because when it does start to heat up a separate SPF to makeup can feel too much. I like to use a separate SPF and a foundation including SPF because with super fair skin the SPF ratings in foundations don’t tend to be too high and I like to know I have as much protection throughout the day as possible. You can’t layer SPF so if you have a powder for example and then a foundation both with SPF 15 – these will not add up 30, and you cannot increase your protection across products. As you’ll see from my favourites they are all factor 50 which I feel most protected with but for the more sun tolerant you could look at at least factor 30 minimum for the best protection. Remember when you start wearing SPF daily and good cleanse in the evening is a must as its a slightly heavier product on the skin.

First up La Roche Posay – has great formulated products across all its skincare including the SPF ranges. I started with the Anthelios XL Cream for sensitive skin – no ghosting (that white look SPF can create on the skin) and comfortable to wear daily, however I found the Anti Brilliance and Anti Shine Dry Touch Gel Cream version was much more suited to my combination skin. Both of these include UVB and UVA and Factor 50 protection, 50ml £16.50 -£18, available in Boots.

A brand I spotted on a few beauty editors Instagram accounts was Heliocare and again this range features different of varieties of SPF for different skin types and also some products include a tint if you prefer a hint of colour especially on your face. This product smells just like summer and although it states it’s a gel formulation it’s kind of a gel cream. What I like about this is that it’s suitable for dry to acne skin types so you don’t have to worry about it being comedogenic and block pores and again feels great on the skin. 50ml £27, available at John Bell and Croyden Pharmacy.

Finally the product I’ll probably be using this summer, purely because of its one application per day, is Ultrasun Face – Anti-ageing & Anti- pigmentation for Ultra Sensitive Skin. Like to others above there’s no ghosting or over greasiness but it’s the added benefits of the anti-pigmentation that secures this product in my summer skincare set. It also includes antioxidants, no perfume, no mineral oils, no emulsifiers or preservatives and is water resistant. Even though this is one application per day its important to still top up if you are going to spend prolonged hours in the sun, although I know that’s not always easy with make-up on top, so powders containing an SPF could be a good option. 50ml £32, available at Marks and Spencer.

It’s never to early to start looking at your SPF for summer skincare – you’ll be thankful years down the line.

Jo xoxo



  1. Just be careful when relying on Ultrasun all day. Unfortunately no sunscreen lasts all day. The active ingredients start to degrade as soon as you come into contact with daylight. Even meroxyl (the longest lasting active) will only give you about 5 hours protection from UVA, the main cause of ageing.

    1. Totally agree Charlotte – Ultra Sun does sound more convenient but of course you still have to top up throughout the day. Bioderma have just stocked a SPF 30 in a spray in Boots – suitable for over the top of make-up which I’m currently trialing. Could be a good solution to reapplying SPF over make-up and feeling confident your protection is freshly renewed while out and about or at work.

      1. Let me know how you get on with the Bioderma. At the moment I wash off all my make up and reapply sunscreen and make up before walking home from work which is a real pain!

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