I like the concept of a place where I know what I am getting and for how much. Flat Iron means one thing = £10 steak.


As you can see from the photo there is one main menu option – flat iron steak with house salad. Dependent on the day, specials do sometimes make an appearance and on my previous visit I had a burger from the specials board which was one of the best burgers I had ever tasted, so keep a look out!

This time we went for the main attraction, steak. Anywhere that sets you up with popcorn and ice cold water as soon as you sit down is always a winner in my eyes and this is what you are greeted with at Flat Iron. Apart from the steak, all the side dishes are really tempting. The dripping chips are perfect, in fact I have dreamt of those chips ever since! However, the roast aubergine tomato and parmesan sneaks in and wins the battle of the sides, I would never have thought of something like this to go with steak, but it really does. The steak is well cooked and comes as pre-cut morsels of loveliness, don’t opt for well done here, rare or medium rare is the way to go. My dining partner felt the portion size could have been bigger, but I guess this is equivalent to what you are paying. Don’t forget the sauces too, Fred’s sauce turned out to be a pleasing Bloody Mary style concoction (sadly without the vodka). There’s a good range of beers and wines and a few cocktails to wet the appetite. On settling the bill at the Henrietta Street restaurant you take your receipt to an ice cream counter at the front of the shop and are presented with a small yet perfectly formed ice cream which is rolled in shards of chocolate. A nice touch.

Flat Iron restaurants are all non-bookable so tables are allocated on a walk up basis. I am not a great lover of this concept, but the Henrietta Street location that we went to has a good amount of tables, so I am sure you don’t have to wait long even on a busy day. I’ve been known to have given up on previous occasions at the other Flat Iron outlets due to too long a wait and a rumbling tum. But if it’s not too long the wait is worth it.


For around £20 a head Flat Iron provides you with good quality well-cooked steak and a tasty meal. With other places in Covent Garden sometimes being very hit and miss, this is a good dependable night out. The Henrietta Street branch is cosy inside and has booths for bigger parties.

Oh and did I mention the mini meat cleavers instead of knives? Great USP and fun to use. I believe you can also buy for £10 to bring a little bit of Flat Iron home with you.


Nearest tube is Covent Garden or Charing Cross for the Henrietta Street location. Various locations across London.


Price was £25 per person. Usually tables are on a walk up basis.

Visited – March 2016


Claire x

(CAB Lifestyle Contributor)


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