Beauty Buzz

CAB’s  round-up of the latest beauty news and latest products…

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Estee Lauder’s new line up Estee Edit, named after their beauty and inspiration blog, and faced by Kendall Jenner and beauty blogger Irene Kim. The line up features an 82 item range across make-up and skincare and aimed at the younger millennials audience, but us 30 somethings are already craving the lipsticks for which you can get a teaser on the Estee Edit Instagram. Available in the UK at Selfridges on 26th May.

Alongside the launch of Estee Edit, Estee Lauder also have another big surprise up their sleeve with a limited edition range of make-up in collaboration with Victoria Beckham, available later on this year. It seems beauty is something VB is looking to add as another string to her bow after huge success in the fashion world, and she had already launched two nail shades with Nails Inc. back in 2014 which were extremely popular. We can only imagine this is going to be another fly off the shelf collaboration – see you in the que!

MAC’s latest range Vibe Tribe, featuring face and colour products are perfect summer season must-haves. If you’re planning holidays or have a wedding/special occasion check out this range of perfect nudes with a pop of colour.


We work on one of the world’s most polluted streets – Oxford Street, and city life can play havoc on your skin. If you work in a bustling environment and feel like your skin is dull and a bit lifeless and needs a refreshing radiance check out Givenchy’s Vax’in For Youth Detox Water. It’s designed to give your skin a glow boost, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for further products. £29.50 available at Debenhams.

Love Jo xoxo


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