Hydration Matters


The recommended daily amount of liquid intake is 2 litres for us girls and it’s not always easy to consume this amount – I love drinking water myself, but I know people to find it boring and will resort to adding squash. So what better way to encourage you to drink your preferred beverage, ideally water for you beauty/skincare addicts, than these beauties – the bkr water bottles.

Founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler who “…wanted to drink from something clean, clear, soft and beautiful that felt like a couture accessory and not camping equipment” have turned the mundane water bottle into a stylish accessory to keep you hydrated. Made of glass and a silicone cover it’s BPA and phthalate free (so free from those nasties found in plastic bottles), leak proof, dishwasher safe and comes in different sizes: 250ml, 500ml and 1L. I opted for the 500ml so that I knew four of these a day keep me in line with the recommended intake. I have accidentally dropped mine a couple of times and the silicone casing is surprisingly heavy duty – thankfully! But they do replace any accidental breakages within 90 days.

Regular hydration does mean a few trips to the ladies but the way I see it – it gets me moving from my desk and stretching those legs! Now that my body seems used to drinking this amount I really notice when I haven’t drank enough water and the benefits for your skin is just too good for something that is free and easily accessed.

brk bottles are stocked in store and online at Selfridges and range from £20 – £35.

Jo xoxo


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