Super Hero Day… For The Man That Has Everything


So next Sunday (for those of us that are lucky enough) it’s time to celebrate the main men in our lives with Father’s Day!

What can I say about the special man in my life! Well no matter what, he is ALWAYS there to support me and has always been there standing right by my side. From my first job interview to walking me down the isle in Ibiza, I know my Dad has had and alway will have my back! He is very quickly becoming my no 1 photographer (he is the man behind so many of my weekend #ootd pictures) and is a dab hand at applying metallic temporary tattoo’s while on holiday!! He is also the person to blame for my expensive taste (taking me to Gucci for my 18th Birthday present!) and probably one of the only people I know that might actually be able to drink my Husband under the table (yes Christmas’s can get very messy in our house hold)! Just some of the many reason’s why I love him SO dearly.

So what do you get the man that has everything (my Dad literally does, he has more wardrobe space then my Mum)?!

Well look no further, we have it covered no matter what his taste (or expense)…

…For the Fashionista…


A knitted long sleeve polo top has to be my Dad’s staple attire but any thing smart casual is also right up his street…


…For the Bowie Fan…


The one thing that I know will be high on my Uncles Fathers Day List!

The Best of Bowie CD: AMAZON

…For The Man That Takes Good Care of Himself…


Fed up with bristly beards? Why not treat your Dad or Partner to a proper cut throat/hot towel shave this Father’s Day at Ted’s Grooming Room! Also help him smell heavenly with Dior’s new cologne – Currently my Husbands (and sometimes mine) new scent!

Cut Throat Shave/Beard Tidy: TED’S GROOMING ROOM Personalised Wash Bag: NOT ON THE HIGH STREET Gym Bag/Holdall: MANGO Aftershave: DIOR

…Fathers Day with a Difference…

Instead of heading out to any old ordinary pub why not head to the House of Peroni pop up bar in London – with it’s insta worthy decor and Peroni on tap it’s a win win for all!!



Or if a roast dinner is precisely the way to his heart, why not head to the Hawksmoor for something a little special, with their roast beef dinner at £20 (the same price as many pub roast dinners these days) it’s 100,000% worth a visit!



…For the TV Addict…


From Sky Sports to Box Sets and at £6.99 a month, he’ll love you for ever!


…For the Accessory Lover…


With summer in fully swing (well almost) complete his BBQ’ing skills with this cute personalised BBQ tool kit, everything he’ll need to show off this outdoor culinary skills!

Sunglasses: RAY-BAN BBQ Tool Kit: PREZZY BOX Thanks Dad Frame: NOT ON THE HIGH STREET Golf GPS Watch: ATHLETE SHOP (I have now idea what this is but apparently according to my Dad it’s what every golf addict needs in there life!)

…For Him and his Mini Me’s…


I LOVE everything about this, so CUTE and just in time for those summer holidays!

Swim shorts: NEXT – Men / Children

Whatever you do with that special man/men in your life, spend it together – eat, drink and be merry. Because if he is anything like my Dad, he’s definitely worth it!

Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping!

Lots of Love




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