Body Beautiful: Body Brushing & Aloe Vera


Dry body brushing is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin in tip top condition. There are loads of other added benefits; increasing blood circulation, shedding dead skin cells (exfoliating), improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; releasing toxins, unclogging pores and stimulating nerve endings rejuvenating the nervous system. Before showering or moisturising use the brush in upward long stroking movements and always in the direction towards the heart; you can start from your ankles and work your way up. It’s such an invigorating feeling so ideal to awaken your body and mind to get going, especially in the mornings.

I have a real thing about body moisturisers in the fact that I don’t really use them; I find them sticky and annoying to apply, but the stickiness is my biggest gripe – especially in the humid hot summer months! I remembered reading about aloe vera gel and how this can be used for a ‘face-lifting’ effect on your face (it kind of works weirdly) but it was more the consistency of this product that I liked. As a gel it applies quite slick but after a few minutes it dries and your skin feels super soft. So as a body moisturiser this is my new obsession – no lasting stickiness once its dried, which means you can get your clothes on without sticking to them too! It’s even better for the summer as it’s really cooling – you could even pop this in the fridge for tired legs after a long day at work. I’ve been slathering myself in Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera Gel (500ml for £14.99). It’s also suitable for sensitive skin irritations – although I would suggest buying a smaller tube first to test it out. I experienced slight erythema on the first application (superficial reddening of the skin) which soon dispelled and it has cleared up a patch of eczema on my shoulder over time. The pump version of this product means easier application, but you can get smaller tubes ideal for your handbag also.

Hydrea Beech Wood Body Brush with Cactus Fibre Bristles, £7.50 from Look Fantastic.


Jo xoxo


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