Dressing the Bump – Where to Start?


Some are obvious some are not but in all these pictures I am pregnant (with twins!). The top row was my first 12 weeks and the bottom row are post 12 weeks to date!

Firstly apologies for the mega delayed blog post, in all honestly it’s mainly to do with pure laziness! My pregnancy so far has been SO good so I can’t blame it on that (although come 9:30pm I’m in the land of nod and at the weekends I can’t be arsed to move!) however I am currently in the middle of an horrific home move (I’m selling a leasehold property ……..I’ll say no more), the whole process is draining the life out of me and as you can imagine dealing with that while being pregnant isn’t the one! Anyway enough “house move from hell talk” and more baby bumpness.

Me being me, when I first found out I was pregnant as well as thinking about all the essential things we are going to need for the babies when they arrive (and obviously the sheer panic/delight/worry and happiness that we are having not 1 but 2 babies), of course the next thing that pop in to my head was “how am I going to stylishly dress a bump of two!” this was a whole new world of dressing! This is an area that scared me a little bit, as I’ve always thought that maternity wear can be mostly mumsy or dull, not a look I ever want to channel let alone during and post pregnancy!

If I’m honest the whole process of maternity dressing has been A LOT harder then I ever imagined it would be! But 20 weeks in and I think I am getting that hang of it…. It’s also another reason why this post has been delayed, I needed to be able to practice what I preached and do some major research – trial and testing – so I could be in a position to be able to give you guys some advise (if need be that is) 🙂

…The First 12 Weeks…

For those of you that have been pregnant before or are pregnant you’ll know how HARD it is during those first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the world doesn’t know your pregnant but you feel like a heffalump (maybe with two it’s worse but I started showing – big time – by 7 weeks). For the first 12 weeks all I can suggest is (most obviously) keeping things baggy, I would suggest investing in some nice oversized jumpers and boyfriend style t-shirts and shirts, these will be good post pregnancy as well. For your bottom half just stick to the hairband button trick it works a treat!

…12 Weeks Onwards…

Many people have said to me not to invest in maternity wear and to just buy clothes in bigger sizes but I really don’t think that’s the way to approach pregnancy dressing. I believe for clothes to look nice and for you to feel good, then they need to fit right! Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to go out and replace my wardrobe with everything maternity, I’m still in a lot of my top/shirts and t-shirts (even now), but I’m not going to start buying a size 14 further down the line, I know it may fit around my ever growing belly, but the fit everywhere else will be awful!

So after some obligatory store and internet researching I’ve found that maternity wear isn’t as mumsy as I thought, although some of it definitely isn’t great (sorry to say), maybe it’s because I want everything else “non-maternity” (hello Spring/Summer, my favourite season!!)

So far, my top go to places have been:

ASOS (By far the best in terms of variety/range and brands I had ever heard of)

Topshop (Good for Jeans and on-trend styles)

H&M (Good for classic pieces such a t-shirts and dunegrees)

New Look (Best all rounder and value for money)

As stated above I haven’t had to buy many tops, yet (I have just been buying  a mixture of maternity and regular tops needed for now, as well as long sleeve/stretchy t-shirts from Primark) but I have definitely had to buy stuff for my bottom half – jeans / trousers etc.   To be honest most maternity jeans are annoying and are forever falling down – everyone I have spoken to has said this to me, I think like with any jeans it’s a personal choice of style and fit however, my favourites so far have been from Topshop and New Look. Topshop maternity jeans are expensive, considering you’re only going to be in them for a while. So if you do invest, I would suggest opting for 2 pairs in classic washes, such as black and a dark/medium denim pair. I have also been very lucky and have a pregnant bestie who is a bit further long than me, handing down the pairs she has grown out of (Thanks Claire!) I have also bought a few pairs on eBay, it’s definately worth looking on here. I bought a brand new (with tags) pair of white Topshop Joni jeans for £12 the other day, result!

I’m hoping that come May/June when I’ll be almost ready to pop, it will be warm enough to be able to just wear classic jersey dresses because with twins, I don’t think I’ll have much more choice! In the mean time I am trying not to go too mad with the maternity wardrobe and instead building a maternity wardrobe based on “wardrobe classics” like I have with my usual wardbrobe! Classic’s (as I have mentioned before on the blog) are the foundation to a stylish wardrobe!

And here’s where to start…..

1. Jeans – Black, Medium Wash and Grey:


click here

2. T-Shirts (Boyfriend Style and Fitted) – White, Grey, Black and Stripped:


Short Sleeved // Stripped

3. Classic (Slightly Oversized) Shirts – White, Sky Blue or Blue and White Pinstripe:


click here

4.Black Ankle Length Trousers: click here

5. Pretty Blouse:


Black // Cream

6.Classic Coat – Winter / Spring:


Green Puffa // Blush Trench

7. Fitted Dress:


click here 

(This dress is non maternity but is super stretchy and what I wore in my last Insta picture, pictured above)

8. Go with Anything Jumper:


click here

9. Leggings (Because They Are The Best For Lazy Weekends!): click here

10. Classic Lounge Wear:


click here

And finally UNDERWEAR- comfortable is the only way forward and I’ve recently learnt, that you shouldn’t wear underwired bra’s while pregnant, so I bought these nude bra’s from Uniqlo and I couldn’t recommend them enough.They are SUPER comfy and slightly padded. I also have this black underwear set from Topshop which is also super comfy and slightly more attractive then some of the others out there! Also CK underwear is comfy and also on trend right now (however cheaper versions can be found in Primark!)…

File_000 (24).jpeg

Black SetNude BrasCK Underwear

To all my lovely pregnant readers – I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s helped a little? I promise not to leave it so long next time!

Lots of Love





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