Coupled together as mentoring partners at work soon turned into a great friendship over a shared love of shopping. We’ve joined forces to create Covering All Bases blog as a means to share our obsessions and showcase a selected edit of all things fashion and beauty.

Our vision is to build a community for like-minded girls who want to look sharp and shop hard. We are high street fanatics who search for those luxury pieces and top products to look our best and conquer the world one purchase at a time. Whether in our professional lives or day-to-day activity we want to be at our best and feel confident. We know there are other obsessives like us out there and we want to share what we can’t stop thinking about and what’s making us itching to get out onto our playground Oxford Street to impulse buy.

CAB will feature street style, high-street buys, make-up/beauty trends, skincare reviews, must have hair products and lifestyle experiences. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we love obsessing over it.

Casey and Jo xoxo

About Casey

Like all the other 3.2 billion girls living in the world I have a serious love (near/slight/bordering on total addition) for all things fashion! From clothes to shoes to jewellery to pyjamas I LOVE it all and have more than enough items within my flat – and my Mum and Dad’s house – to open up a small warehouse. My friends have been saying for years that I should share my style as well as my finds, so when me and Jo decided to collaborate together it just seemed right!

I am a high street fanatic and a serious designer day dreamer! I am a Zara obsessor a but also have a huge love for designer bags (The Celine Box bag is my kind of porn!). As I get older I am definitely becoming a quality over quantity kinda gal, which you will see throughout my posts but don’t worry I promise I’m not going to go all expensive on you (my husband and also my bank would not be impressed) plus I am and always will be a BIG Primark fan. My style I would say is girl meets boy really, I love all things girlie….lace, florals, embroidery, sequins, beading but I love to mix it up with my boyfriend jeans or in some way to give them a tougher edge.  Throughout my posts I hope to show you whats hot on the highstreet, straight from the catwalk and trending on social media (As I believe its social media right now that is dictating what we are and will be wearing).

As well as seasonal edits I also want to show you how to achieve Autumn cool, how to dress to kill at Christmas,  spring in to well Spring and be a golden goddess during Summer, as well as all the other days in between!

Casey (CAB Fashion Editor)

Star Sign: Taurus

Favourite Designer: Dolce and Gabbana

Favourite Colour: Grey and white

Favourite High Street Shop: Zara

Wardrobe Staple: Boyfriend jeans and a white shirt

Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Favourite Place on Earth: The beach

Bucket List Destination: California

Favourite Magazine: In Style

Guilty Pleasure: Red Bull

Favourite Blog: Sincerely Jules and Atlantic-Pacific


About Jo

A few years back I suffered with some confidence crippling adult acne and I set out on a quest to perfect my skin. I tried different facials and tested various products, in the hope it would be the one to dispel scaring and the acne all together – and this is where my beauty obsession began. I have always enjoyed experimenting with make-up and trying to mimic professional application techniques, but I have a real fixation on skincare – it is your make-up base after all.

I’ve been meaning to do a blog for a while having been told numerous times by friends I should get this online – there probably exhausted from my insistent beauty talk! So Im venting it all out on here – in the hope you enjoy reading this as much as I rave about it. I’ll be giving you my thoughts on all things beauty; products, therapies, techniques and trends. Oh an I’m an impulse buyer (or strategic shopper as I like to call it) so i’ll let you know where I’m finding all the best beauty buys and places I like to shop for beauty products. I’ve got a creative background and a bit of a technical geek at heart. I’m always on the look out for events and art exhibitions so you might see the odd post on these – after all that’s why we called this blog covering all bases!

Jo (CAB Beauty Editor)

Star Sign: Libra

Favourite Designer: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim for Kenzo

Favourite Colour: Grey

Favourite High Street Shop: Topshop

Wardrobe Staple: Black and grey colour scheme

Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without: Pixi Glow Tonic

Favourite Place on Earth: Selfridges Beauty Hall

Bucket List Destination: Santorini

Favourite Magazine: Sunday Times Style Magazine

Guilty Pleasure: Coke Cola

Favourite Blog: Into The Gloss


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