Dressing the Bump – Where to Start?


Some are obvious some are not but in all these pictures I am pregnant (with twins!). The top row was my first 12 weeks and the bottom row are post 12 weeks to date!

Firstly apologies for the mega delayed blog post, in all honestly it’s mainly to do with pure laziness! My pregnancy so far has been SO good so I can’t blame it on that (although come 9:30pm I’m in the land of nod and at the weekends I can’t be arsed to move!) however I am currently in the middle of an horrific home move (I’m selling a leasehold property ……..I’ll say no more), the whole process is draining the life out of me and as you can imagine dealing with that while being pregnant isn’t the one! Anyway enough “house move from hell talk” and more baby bumpness.



#OOTW – Classic Shirts & Fancy Footwear

This weather is actually rather depressing, where has summer gone?! Sure it’s warm but there can’t possibly be anymore rain left in the clouds, can there? I don’t know about you but this uncertain weather is making it hard to get dressed in the mornings, especially when it comes to the footwear!

So this week it was all about easy morning dressing: classic white shirts with a twist and rain proof fancy footwear (and yes we were lucky the sun was out while shooting just before the heavens opened)…



Breaking the Habit…

I must admit, I do tend to stick to what I know when it comes to shopping, heading to the same shops week in week out (and when most of the staff in Zara know you on first name terms, you know things may need to change?!) so this week when I got invited to the new Monsoon Westfields London store opening it was just the change I needed!