happy Wednesday

In The Bag…Pre Payday Treats

Monday, according to reports, was the most depressing day of the year and I can understand why…

1. I’m SO over this cold, wet weather and desperately longing for Spring. Dark mornings scraping ice off my car aren’t the one!

2.Dry January is just boring (unless your doing it for a good cause)!

3.Its been 4 weeks since pay day with still another 10 days to go, WTF! 

With this in mind this got me thinking about the little treats in life that can instantly put a smile on my face! So I set myself quite a hard challenge this week, to find 15 things £15 or under to brighten up the days between now and the blessed end of January.


Blouse (love!): £12.99 H&M    Real Leather Coin Purse: £12.00 ACCESSORIZE     Lipstick Pencil: £4.99 H&M     Rings £15.00 ACCESSORIZE